Artificial Intelligence + Security Testing

Private-Label Security Assessments

Powered-by an AI-driven Security Assessment Platform


Understand and Quantify Your Clients Cyber Risk

A purpose-built service that implements decades of experience in performing offensive red teaming, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessments into an AI powered, fault-tolerant, and robust, security testing orchestration platform.

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Smart Attack Orchestration

Advanced Algorithms Instrument and Orchestrate Complex Attack Scenarios

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Anomaly Correlation

Iterative Testing and Anomaly Identification Ensure Reporting Accuracy

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Executive Reporting

Dedicated Reports Deliver Concise and Actionable Data Tailored to Executive and Technical Teams

Most attacks are opportunistic and target the unprepared

53,308 security incidents

2,216 confirmed data breaches

76% of breaches were financially motivated

- Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigate Report

The constantly changing threat landscape creates unique challenges for organizations responsible for maintaining highly fluid and mission-critical computing environments. Automated attack methods and off-the-shelf toolkits leveraged by malicious actors identify and exploit security weaknesses at an advanced and accelerated pace.

The ability to assess the global footprint of organizational assets to identify security weaknesses on a regular basis is often impractical and unrealistic due to the size, complexity and scope of operations. As a result, many businesses do not have the capacity to detect and respond to the ever increasing volume of security risks faster than attackers can detect and exploit them.


Validate The Effectiveness Of Security Controls



Regulatory Compliance

Performing regular security assessments, including vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, is required to meet the requirements of many of todays prominent industry standards and regulatory and compliance frameworks.


Risk Management

The ability to reliably identify and characterize threats is an integral component of a sound Risk Management processes. Furtim can help your organization assess critical assets, determine the consequences of attacks and  identify prioritized measures for reducing risks.  


Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is critical in todays business climate. A positive reputation builds customer loyalty and confidence driving bottom-line growth. Successful breaches or attacks can initiate unacceptable loss and significantly impact an organization’s success.


The Furtim Vision


To be the leading provider of security assessment services, delivering top-tier penetration testing and vulnerability scanning assessments for our clients and partners, superior to traditional security consulting and commercial tools.